Wish You Were Here

Wish You Were Here



C-Type Prints

Series of five

In Wish You Were Here, the focus is whether it is possible to construct a vastness within the confined space of the studio. The images in this series are built upon the idea of a faltering illusion. If the illusion works at all, it quickly falls apart when inspected closely. The means used for the construction confirms the flaw: a dirty floor, skirting board, and a cord with light bulbs with varying colours and light temperatures. As the images were shot, the actual sun set and the studio gradually darkened, resulting in two parallel sunsets within each image, where the real and the constructed collide. This duality is somewhat an attempt to reflect the spatial experience of the actual moment, enabling the possibility to transport or extend that same space into a space of desire or longing.

On Landscape #1, Guest Projects, London, UK, 2014

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